Download Simple

Update (August 2009): Due to an oversight, the installation files weren't compatible with versions of PHP < 5.0.  I've updated the installers so that they'll work with PHP4 servers as well.  Like before, simple is compatible with PHP versions 4.0 and later.

Simple is available for download free of charge.

After downloading you may need some help to get simple up and running.  The links below will hopefully provide some answers:

Changes in Version 1.3

  • Added permission settings for image management.  Access to image folders can now be assigned to users or groups and the settings cascade down the hierarchy in the same way that they do for pages.

Changes in Version 1.2

  • Added support for LDAP password authentication

Changes in Version 1.1

  • Added page creation date and creator fields.
  • Added blogging interface
  • Cached permissions results for "guest" access to speed up menu rendering