Simple was created by me, Matt Pierce, a web designer and application developer from northern New Jersey.  I have a BS in Computer Science from Ramapo College of New Jersey and have been working in the webmaster's office of higher education institutions since 2002 (Ramapo College of New Jersey, Bergen Community College, Drew University, and Montclair State University) and I'm currently a member of the New Jersey Higher Education Webmasters' Association.  More information about me and my interests can be found on my personal website.

Anyone seeking to contact me about simple can do so through my personal website's contact form.  Be forewarned however that because simple is still something I consider to be a personal pet project, I may not be willing to fulfill many feature requests.  I can only work on the project as free time allows, and all too frequently it doesn't.  I am grateful for any feedback, and will gladly read and reply to any requests for help or features I receive, but more often than not the answer will be that I simply don't have the time to implement the features for which you're asking.